Dredging Adds No Pollutants

Some good News for once!!!!


“No Addition Argument” in CA State Court

For the very first time in CA State court a small miner has won the “no addition argument”- This time against the CA Dept. of Fish & Wildlife.  Previously, PLP member Godfrey won the issue against the Forest Service and CA Water Board in 2015.  Gold miner Michael Osterbrink along with PLP’s expert testimony delivered by PLP’s legal researcher Clark Pearson fought back a charge by the Sierra County DA that what Mr. Osterbrink had done “had polluted State waters with materials that are deleterious to fish in violation of section 5650 of the CA Fish & Game code.”

WINNING: Mr. Osterbrink was found not guilty of violating section 5650 of the CA Fish & Game code which prohibits pollution of state waters with materials that are deleterious to fish and wildlife (count 2).   PLP cannot understate the importance of this legal decision in our present battles with the political powers of the regulatory swamp.  This IS a really big deal!  So-called environmentalists in CA believe that miners are polluters – not true! There are no foreign substances added, a fact PLP has been touting for many years, and the Court agreed! The Court stated”…I really think 5650, the intent of the Legislature there is to deal with situations where a defendant has deposited something new, a foreign substance.  Here, there doesn’t seem to be any dispute that this defendant did not add anything new.  So I am going to find Mr. Osterbrink not guilty on count 2.”


As everyone is aware the State has changed the rules on Mineral Prospecting. No longer are we allowed to use any motorized (Electric or Gas) to mineral prospect, hand operated equipment only (pans, sluice boxes, rocker boxes, metal detectors). With this Court Ruling now is the time for every small scale prospector to get on board with Resources Coalition and help them fight back. There are now 2 rulings of no addition, one by a federal and one by a state judge.


So with this release it goes to show there is NO SCIENCE to prove the enviros theories!!!!!






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